A question that comes up surprisingly often on the various legal forums is whether a person could lose their security clearance if they filed a personal Bankruptcy case.  It is certainly a great question, since the security clearance is often required for their job.  The general answer is that it is highly unlikely.  By many accounts, almost 5 million people have some level of U.S. security clearances.  There is no doubt many of them have had to file a personal Bankruptcy case.  While it is not possible for lawyers to tell everyone that there is absolutely no chance whatsoever that their security status will not be reviewed, I have yet to see a response from a lawyer that they have had clients who lost their clearance.  Even if the issuing agency reviews your status, they will pay more attention to the factors that led you to Bankruptcy.  A history of huge gambling losses, claims of fraud or breach of fiduciary duty, tax evasion and the like might be a problem, but these are the exception in Bankruptcy and not the rule.  If you currently have a job that requires a security clearance, your job performance will be much more important.