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Lost Your Social Security Card? You Might Now Be Able To Get A Replacement Card Online!

In most (if not all) Bankruptcy Courts, if you file a personal Bankruptcy case you will need your official social security card for your first meeting of creditors.  That means the card issued by the Social Security Administration, and not a photocopy or any other unofficial card you may have obtained elsewhere.  Not surprisingly, many… Continue Reading

Can I Choose To Pay Someone Back After My Bankruptcy Discharge?

You have filed and completed your Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy case, and finally received your all-important discharge.  Unless you have very unusual circumstances, you did not officially reaffirm any of your debts in your case.  However, now you have thought about it and you want to pay back a certain pre-petition debt that… Continue Reading

I Am Behind On Child Support – Can I File For Bankruptcy To Stay Out Of Jail?

Falling behind on child support payments is a bad situation for everyone.  Not only are their serious legal issues involved, there are often very strong emotions in play.  In Georgia and probably all other states, the failure to pay child support can land the non-paying parent in jail (usually after clear warnings from a judge). … Continue Reading

Why Are Old Debts Still On My Credit Report After They Were Discharged In My Bankruptcy Case?

The primary goal of most Bankruptcy cases is to get a discharge of some or all of your debts.  The discharge order is an important document that will permanently protect you from future attempts to collect all debts that were discharged, and you have your important “fresh start.”  It is your time to move on… Continue Reading

Do I Need A Lawyer For A Home Loan Modification?

Home loan modifications have been a really big deal the last few years.  The reality, however, is that the number of actual successful modifications is far less than originally “promised” by politicians, lenders and others involved in the process.  Tales of lost documents, months-long delays, and then denials abound.  Given that, is it necessary or… Continue Reading

Online Advice (AVVO, LawGuru…) Is Not A Substitute For Your Own Lawyer.

I have participated on forums such as AVVO and LawGuru in the past, and found they can be pretty useful most of the time.   People are able to post general questions about legal issues (or potential legal issues) that might come up in daily life, and they usually get pretty good answers.  Yes, you have… Continue Reading

Never Buy A Car At “Buy Here/Pay Here” Car Lots!

You see the signs all over the place.  “BUY HERE PAY HERE!”  “NO CREDIT CHECK!!”  “APPROVED!!”  “BAD CREDIT OK!!”  This is an awesome deal for people with poor credit, such as people just out of a Bankruptcy case, right?  These companies provide a good service and help people rebuild their financial lives and give them… Continue Reading