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What Happens If You Don’t Disclose A Lawsuit or Claim Against Someone In Your Bankruptcy Schedules?

One of the requirements of filing a Bankruptcy case is completing the Schedules honestly and completely.  It is perfectly fine to unintentionally leave something out as long as the Schedules are amended.  One of the most common items left off Schedule B (personal property) is claims or lawsuits that the person filing for Bankruptcy has… Continue Reading

Involuntary Bankruptcy: Can A Creditor Or Someone Else Put You In Bankruptcy?

Although this and virtually all other consumer Bankruptcy blogs discuss Bankruptcy cases that are voluntarily filed by individuals, occasionally someone asks whether they can be forced into Bankruptcy by a creditor or another party.  The answer is yes, it is theoretically possible, but very rare in practice.  The process is called an “Involuntary Bankruptcy Petition”… Continue Reading

Should You File A Chapter 7 For Your Small Business?

I frequently get calls from individuals who own small or mid-size businesses that are experiencing financial difficulties and need to close their doors.  They often assume that they should file a bankruptcy petition on behalf of the business if it is a separate business entity.  Often, filing the petition for the business does no good,… Continue Reading

How Does A Chapter 7 Trustee Know What I Have?

Like all Bankruptcy lawyers, I am happy that just about every client or potential client that has walked through my door is completely honest with me and in their filings with the Bankruptcy Court.  However, when discussing the Bankruptcy Schedules and list of assets, it is natural to occasionally get asked how Chapter 7 Trustees… Continue Reading

Will The Bankruptcy Trustee Sell My House?

Many people considering filing a Bankruptcy case are justifiably concerned that they may lose their home in the case, either to the lender or to the Chapter 7 Trustee.  The reality is that rarely will the Chapter 7 Trustee have an interest in the homes of individuals who have filed Chapter 7 cases.  The reason… Continue Reading