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Payday Loans: It Could BeThe Worst Decision You Could Make

Payday loans are popular in the United States.  By some estimates, there are more payday loan outlets than McDonald’s (and there are more than 14,000 locations of McDonald’s.).  First, let’s define a payday loan.  It is a relatively small loan usually intended to get the borrower to their next paycheck.  These loans are usually unsecured,… Continue Reading

Who Has Final Responsibility For Making Sure Bankruptcy Schedules Are Correct?

In consumer Bankruptcy cases, especially Chapter 7 cases, completing the Schedules is one of the most important tasks.  The Schedules identify (among other things) all your creditors, your property (and values of the property), your exemptions, income and expenses.  In Chapter 13 cases, they will show the disposable income that will be paid to the… Continue Reading

Can You Force A Lender To Foreclose During Or After Bankruptcy?

Although many people enter Bankruptcy with a desire to save their home from foreclosure, others are anxious to rid themselves of the property and the debt associated with it.  This could be their primary residence or other homes or real estate they own.  A problem that occasionally comes up is that the person in Bankruptcy… Continue Reading