The purpose of this Blog is to provide basic, easy to read, and hopefully easy to understand, information about Bankruptcy for individuals and small businesses.  If you reached this page because you are facing financial problems and exploring Bankruptcy, we hope we can help you a little.  You may have a specific question, and maybe we answered it here.  If you are just starting out in searching for basic information about Bankruptcy, and you do not know where to start, one suggestion is to read about the basic differences between Chapter 7 cases and Chapter 13 cases.  From there, you can click on links within those articles, or browse the Bankruptcy Basics Category.  In addition to the Categories, you can also click on the Tags at the bottom of each post to get to more posts on a particular subject (for example, how student loans are treated in Bankruptcy; whether you should reaffirm secured debts, your exemptions and what you get to keep). 

However, if you believe Bankruptcy is even a possibility for you, no Bankruptcy Blog or website is a substitute for a meeting with a good Bankruptcy lawyer.  An hour or so with a  lawyer will allow you to zero in on your specific situation and questions.  Most people leave these meetings relieved to find out it is not as overwhelming as they thought.  Others are thankful that they did not do something that might cause problems later in a Bankruptcy case.  Many people are happy to find out that they are in a better place than they believed, and Bankruptcy is not right for them at that particular time.  Virtually all Bankruptcy lawyers offer free initial consultations so take advantage of that and meet with two, or even three, lawyers.  First and foremost, make sure the lawyer has significant experience practicing Bankruptcy law.  In addition, make sure you are comfortable with the lawyer who will be handling your case (but do not expect the lawyer to just be your pal and tell you only what you want to hear).  Finally, really listen to what the lawyers had to say even if it is not the best news.  If you are in Metro Atlanta or elsewhere in Georgia, of course we hope you will contact us to set up a meeting.  In this post, we list some of the things we will normally cover in the meeting.  Otherwise, we have a few tips about how to find a good lawyer as well as a few on how not to find a lawyer.  We hope you will find this Blog informative and educational, and good luck in your finances.