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I could probably end with that simple, straightforward answer but, really, the answer is always the same.  One of the very common questions that comes up fairly regularly on online forums is some form of this question.  Often it seems like the person is concerned they forgot something, or may be in trouble in the case.  Today I read a long post from someone who, at the end, asked whether or not she should have discussed this with her lawyer.  I am sure she was concerned she might have done something wrong, but there is no online answer, even from excellent, well-meaning lawyers, that can substitute for her own lawyer.  Your lawyer is working for you to get the best possible outcome in the case, and to do the best job has to know everything that affects your case.  If there is a problem, he or she is the only one to correct it.  Your lawyer wants to know of potential problems to head them off.  If you believe you have a problem or important question, and you wonder if you should ask your lawyer … yes, you should!

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